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ReelTime Sight & Sound

Breaking free from the big box for your perfect home theater system by Betsy Sanz cover photography by Melisa Chandler, Chandler Photography When you started planning for your ultimate home theater set-up and sound system, did you plot your perfect flat screen location and find that the outlets were placed at exactly the right distance, […]



Señor San Juan, Tom Scott, has been involved with the Swallows Parade … [Read More...]

El Presidente Ball

Cloaked in the nighttime magic of the Mission San Juan Capistrano, … [Read More...]

Health and Wellness

Yoga and Your Faith

by Nicole Howard and Cara Fraser “Does yoga go against my … [Read More...]

Happy 50th Anniversary Medicare!

by Stephanie Frisch Most people don’t realize the age of the … [Read More...]

Understanding Sleep Apnea

By Scott E. West, D.D.S., F.A.G.D. Diplomat of the Academy of … [Read More...]

6 Reasons why Pilates and Yoga are Amazing!

by Nicole Howard and Cara Fraser There are millions of reasons why … [Read More...]

Consistency is Key

by Nicole Howard and Cara Fraser It takes anywhere from 21 to 40 … [Read More...]

Life Style

Ortega Animal Care

You can’t tell us that your precious pet isn’t your baby. When it … [Read More...]

Business Showcases

Aging? Make the Most of It – Keep your brain young!

Aging is inevitable, but how we age is a choice by Mary McPherson As the years start to accumulate and life experiences mount, our brains respond to stress, post traumatic stress (PTSD), head injuries and the loss of loved ones either to death or divorce. These life events negatively rewire our brains and use extensive […]

One Way Painting

by Jody Robinson One of the perks of publishing South County Magazine is that I am provided a venue to share with our readership personal experiences with local business owners like Jeff McCabe, owner of the City of Orange-based One Way Painting. When we moved into our new home last year, we acquired quotes for […]

Law & Legislation

One Big Happy Family, Right?

by Genene Dunn The most common answer received to the question of … [Read More...]


Happy 50th Anniversary Medicare!

by Stephanie Frisch Most people don’t realize the age of the … [Read More...]


Banking for the Smaller Business

by C. Lawrence “Larry” Thomas Small businesses are receiving a lot of attention these days, and for good reason. America’s small businesses have created the majority of new jobs over the last decade and, in past downturns, it’s been small business growth that has pulled us out of recession. South Orange County is no exception. […]

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