6 Reasons why Pilates and Yoga are Amazing!

by Nicole Howard and Cara Fraser

There are millions of reasons why one should do pilates and yoga, but these six keep many coming back class after class, creating a life long practice for the body and soul.

1. Exercise
This is a no brainer. Pilates and yoga are exercise. And obviously the benefits of exercise are endless, from cardiovascular health, mental health, reducing stress to physical strength and flexibility.

2. Everyone can participate
The beauty in pilates and yoga lies with the varying levels of classes, from super gentle to crying “uncle” on the mat. With such a wide range anybody can partake. No matter age, gender or ability, a quality studio will have some type of class for you. Making it a great choice for rehabilitation, cross training and even kid friendly.

3. Balance
A good class will never be the exactly the same in the repertoire or poses. This diversity is what helps to balance both sides of the body and between strength and flexibility, ultimately unifying the body.

4. The Core
This goes beyond the concept of six-pack abs. The core is comprised of all the muscles around the spine, not just the abdominals. After long hours of working on a computer or driving kids to and from activities, the core is sadly ignored, resulting in bad posture. The main concept behind pilates is to move from the core first giving spinal strength and correct posture.

5. Breath
Breathing is a natural reflex in the human body, but surprisingly out of the animal kingdom we are the only species that can control its breath. Making it possible us to be sprinters and long distant runners, swimmers, etc. The muscles in the ribs, diaphragm and lungs can be manipulated with conscious thought. One of the main focuses in pilates and yoga is learning different breath techniques that have a myriad of health benefits like stress reductions and muscle efficiency.

6. Mind, Body, Spirit
Pilates and yoga have a little extra special something, they are not like your typical gym session. From the mindfulness, breathe, to the movement, a magical connection is created between the “mind, body and spirit”. Leaving the soul feeling amazingly rejuvenated and alive..

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